Header Bidding: Advanced Programmatic Strategy

After its various types of programmatic deals, bTV Media Group now offers a solution for purchasing advertising through Header Bidding


What is it?

Header Bidding is a process that allows us to offer advertising space on our sites simultaneously to several clients, skipping the so-called "waterfall" method.

How does it happen?

First, several clients are given the opportunity to "bid" for a position (this happens through SSP, Ad Exchange or Ad Network). Here comes the main difference between the waterfall method and Header Bidding. With Waterfall, clients bid one by one. If the first "called" client does not answer the requested price, the second one is called, etc. until the impression is filled.

The Header Bidding method allows all participants to bid simultaneously, even before the impression has reached the ad server. The Header Bidding software then selects the highest bidder and sends it to the Ad Server, where it is processed, compared to competing  bids in the Ad Server, and the impression is filled.

With Header Bidding, all advertisers now have a greater opportunity to purchase inventory on our sites. Also, each participant in the process will have more transparency and more choice in purchasing impressions, because with Header Bidding they will be able to purchase inventory that is not available in standard programmatic deals.

Another huge advantage is that by skipping the standard Waterfall process, advertisers will be more competitive as all participants bid simultaneously, without waiting, and have an equal chance of their ad being displayed.

The formats that you can take advantage of through Header Bidding are: 300x250, 300x600, 980x200, 728x90, video, in-article, and our team will be happy to answer all your questions.

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