What Happened In The First Quarter: Programmatic Trends In 2021

Where our predictions stand in the end of March 2021


Earlier this year we predicted that more and more agencies and clients will focus on programmatic purchasing in 2021, and we were right. Already in the first quarter of this year we noticed a greater interest in our programmatic solutions than in previous years.

There is a clear trend of interest shifting from non-guaranteed to guaranteed transactions. Despite a drop of about 30% in the impressions of non-guaranteed transactions, we also saw an increase of over 1 million impressions in the guaranteed ones. There we noticed huge growth in revenues. This only confirms our view that more clients are turning to this type of web advertising purchasing, and the high interest in our guaranteed deals means that our customers vote more confidence when it comes to programmatic purchasing.


We can also recognize our active and working Private Marketplace. In it, we can invite different clients and buyers to bid for a certain type of inventory from our sites. The winner is determined by auction where the highest bid wins. Currently through it buyers can buy inventory through 300x250, 300x600, 980x200 and video.

Our team is available to offer the right programmatic solution for your brand.

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