How to Achieve the "WOW Effect" With the Help of Radio

The proper advertising form, good preparation and precise execution can work wonders


Sometimes advertisers have difficulty positioning their products and services so that the audience can have fun and even play with them. The challenge is greater when our country finds itself in a state of emergency and anxiety levels are significantly increased. However, the right advertising form, good preparation and precise execution can do wonders for the brand to get the best out of any situation. Such is the case with Kärcher's campaign across the air of one of the largest radio chains in the country - Radio N-JOY.

Within two weeks, the benefits of Kärcher devices were presented through a balanced combination of spot advertising, detailed live announcements from the hosts of three of the four daily broadcasts on the N-JOY program and a very interactive game on the radio's website. We created a page at with information about the game and the sponsor, in which the specifics of the brand and the conditions for participation were presented. Listeners who wanted to join had to answer the daily question and register on the site. Every day information about the game was shared on the Facebook profile of N-JOY.

The results of the campaign were stunning. In just ten days, the total number of listeners registered in the game was 4,029 people, and information about the campaign reached 54,221 users on the social network. In the same month (April), through its on-air program, Radio N-JOY reached nearly 755,000 listeners per week and provided huge coverage for the advertiser and its products.

The success of the campaign is mainly due to the well-chosen advertising form. The game on the radio, part of the bTV Media Group - N-JOY, bTV Radio, Jazz FM, Classic FM & Z-Rock, guarantees high levels of activity and positive commitment of consumers to the brand. In this case, the client first provides diverse and enriching content, which the presenters share with the audience in an engaging but casual way. Another important element in the game are the 10 quality prizes provided by Kärcher, including a first-class cordless window cleaner.

The well-chosen way of communication, the interesting and well presented content, as well as the attractive prizes, are the elements that guaranteed the extremely high results of this campaign, even during a state of emergency. The team of bTV Radio Group can also be your loyal partner, with whom you can implement the next successful campaign.