Native Advertising And What Makes It Valuable

The bWEB universe provides the suitable context for this ad type, which is growing more and more in popularity with its delivery of successful results


Context matters. That is why native advertising has gradually increased in popularity over the years. Nowadays, this type of advertising is attracting the attention of all participants in the digital sphere even more, and with good reason.

But why makes this format so appealing to clients and advertisers? There are several reasons for the demand for this type of advertising to be increasing.

The first major reason is that native advertising is designed to fit into the content of a website and presents the advertising message in a personalized and elegant way. Another great advantage is that this format can be easily customized according to the desired audience and platform on which it will be displayed.

When a website's content is appealing to an audience, native formats become even more effective as they are positioned in an organic environment. At first glance, the best contextual ads do not look like an ad, but as part of the content. That's why they have such a good response from satisfied users and the results are already available.

In 2020 namely native formats had better performance than some standard positions. We noticed in the 300x600 format that the CTR of the native position is 9 times higher than some of the standard positions. We also saw 3 times higher CTR on our desktop position 970x250 and 5 times higher CTR on our mobile position 320x100.

This can only suggest that in 2021 the demand for native formats will increase, as well as their performance.