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In order to provide advertisers with easy and versatility real-time campaign management, uncomplicated targeting and indisputable business results, in 2018, we integrated a Data Management Platform (DMP) into bTV Media Group’s digital environment. We chose to partner with one of the largest companies in the field - Oracle by BlueKai, and the platform was integrated by the end of December, when the collection of the necessary data began as well.

How does the platform work?

Upon entering any of our websites, a special tag detects the user and starts analyzing their behavior and interests - sports, cuisine, astrology, etc. We collect this information from our websites without violating the GDPR regulations on personal data.

The cookies we get from users with all the necessary information are kept in the so-called "pool". When a client wants to target a certain group of people with adverts, using the DMP and the pool of cookies we can group only the people who have similar interests and are potentially most interested in the client's product.

DMP targets the correct audience, i.e. the users with a potential interest in the product, everywhere on our websites. We can collect and analyze data from any device. For example, if a client wants to target people who come primarily to our websites via a desktop computer, or via smartphones or tablets, we can segment this audience.

The DMP platform helps both our clients, our users and us. From a client perspective, DMP provides the right audience for each campaign. From a user's point of view, the visitors in our websites see only ads that are most likely to be of interest. This ensures a more personalized stay on our online platforms.

We tested our DMP system in four different campaigns, in which not the banner formats, but also the interests of the targeted audiences were diverse - lifestyle and makeover, cuisine, health and music fans.

We started with our own campaigns, the first being "Are you a Lady?". Using two different advertising formats, we managed to target women interested in makeup, makeover and lifestyle, and the results were indicative. After applying the DMP, the desktop megaboard format saw an increase in CTR (clicks on a given banner) of 34%, and our mobile cut-in format had an increase of 1915%.

The other campaign we tested was aimed at people who are interested in cuisine and lifestyle. The campaign was based on the show MasterChef Bulgaria and behind-the-scenes footage in an online project called "For the Insatiable". The biggest increase in clicks was reported in our desktop megaboard format - 106%, compared to clicks accrued before DMP audience targeting.

Our client Urinal, trusted DMP to test their video advertising. Though it targeted a very niche audience, the increase in CTR was 66%,

compared to CTR% of the same format before DMP targeting.

In our last own campaign - "The Voice behind the scenes", where the selected DMP categories were "all radio users" and "fans of The Voice of Bulgaria," we tested one of our more unorthodox formats - ibug. The increase after DMP targeting was by 949%.

Through DMP, our clients receive the freedom and ease of use, the flexibility and accuracy of managing the various types of campaigns, and, of course, brand safety.

Source: Ad Manager 360


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