HD, AR and the New Studio - the Effective Technology Mix to Reach Strong Engagement With the Audience

bTV’s news and current affairs shows are the place where technology accelerates high-quality content


bTV Media Group is part of the international media company CME. As an audience leader in the local market, we are introducing and constantly developing global trends on a local level.

With every improvement in the technologies we use, we give brands the opportunity to be more memorable and distinctive.

Nowadays everything is accelerated by technology - screens are growing, computers are constantly in our hands, new types of media and global media players appear, content types are increasing.

Our strong news and current affair shows are realized with the highest quality of production and the latest technology in television. That is how we realize also the exciting stories in the entertainment genre that create an excellent marketing communications environment for our partners.

All of our television channels offer viewers, and of course brands, the spectacular HDTV experience that bTV introduced first among national broadcasters as early as 2012.

In 2016, we were the innovators who introduced the augmented reality as one of the advantages in our news studio. This has enabled total transformations and valuable 3D visualizations that we already use on a daily basis.

Thanks to the augmented reality, images, informational graphics, audio, and other sensory enhancements appear in our field of view. They are continually updated to reflect camera movements.

For an even more exciting audience experience, for years we've been using not only augmented reality, but also 3D mapping and 360-degree videos, both in news and in our entertainment shows. The capabilities of these technological tools are also available to you as advertisers.

The new bTV studio, launched on June 1st, is a space where creative solutions and state-of-the-art technologies on world-class level are applied. The newscasts and the morning block are integrated into a systematically designed space without risking loss of identity of the individual shows and journalists. The studio is highly technological, unique for Central and Eastern Europe, and brings together everything we have done so far, but at a higher level.

The information and the visual connection between live shows and news feeds is flowing smoothly. There is an interactivity between the shows, the hosts move freely in front of the cameras in a 360-degree media environment, which currently has the largest LED installation in Europe.

"We have been developing for 19 years, so have technologies and design trends. As a newsdesk, we are part of this evolution and we try to use the means of expression that new technologies provide us with", commented the director of News, Current Affairs and Sports of bTV Media Group, Venelin Petkov, at the launch of the studio.

The combination of the capabilities of the new integrated studio, including even more improved AR technology, and the HD broadcast quality, create a unique experience for viewers with the high-quality content of bTV Media Group.


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