Chef Andre Tokev Returns With A New Company And A New Season Of "Food Hunters" This Fall On bTV

The culinary adventure promises many more thrills and tastes than any other season so far


The beloved culinary show "Food Hunters" returns with a new season on bTV in September, ready to take viewers on a new extraordinary journey to unknown places near and far.

Titled "Food Hunters: From Near and Far", the focus of the season will be the culinary intertwining of cultures and traditions, as well as unforgettable meetings with foreigners living in Bulgaria and Bulgarians who have chosen to live abroad. The adventure will be presented in two parts - episodes from Bulgaria and those from Italy. In search of the secrets of the magical Italian cuisine, Chef Tokev will trust the Italian Chef Marco Luciari, with whom he will reveal to the viewers of bTV fabulous places and recipes from Southern Italy.

Following the established and popular topic of the local and the foreign, eternal traditions and authentic culture, the season offers the audience a different view of national and universal values through the prism of the refined taste of Chef Tokev and company, promising new delicious and original recipes from different parts of the country.


In the episodes from Bulgaria, in the sixth season of "Food Hunters: Near and Far" Chef Tokev's faithful companion will be Konstantin Takvor, known to bTV viewers from the last season of MasterChef. The two will visit different parts of our country to discover together unexpected recipes and wonderful stories related to each of them. In a unique combination of Chef Tokev's impressive encyclopedic and culinary knowledge and the curiosity of his new companion, the show's season promises much more emotions and tastes than anyone else so far.

The good news is that not only TV viewers, but also users of the internet platforms of bTV Media Group will be able to enjoy exclusively the huge supplies of practical recipes, accompanied by interesting and useful tips in the kitchen.