Survivor – The Greatest Adventure Reality Show Comes With All New 360-degree Opportunities In Favor Of Your Brand

The production of the iconic show and unmatched audience favorite is about to begin, revealing new options for brand integrations beyond national borders


Exotic views, challenges, emotion and ambition – guess what? Globally, Survivor is synonymous with adventure, strategy and teamwork that help take the last survivor to the winning finale. The road to victory in the show, paved with multiple tests, is what makes it so captivating to the audience and to the participants themselves.

Airing for the first time in Bulgaria on bTV in 2006, the show marks the beginning of the adventure reality show genre. After five successful seasons, all on bTV, and a 7-year gap, the show is back on the air and ready to challenge the contestants to go beyond their comfort zone while relishing the beauty of nature across a distant location.

What especially distinguishes the show is its impact on how the on-screen emotion enters the homes of the audience who relive the game with the participants. The cultural following is notably what earned the show over 52% audience share among TG A18-49 with its very first season.*

The reality format’s success is remarkable in every country that airs it. As of this moment, Survivor ranks higher than the prime-time average of the TV channels that broadcast it in countries like France, USA, Australia, Italy and Spain.

Emotion is probably the strongest motive that helps take the content across the minds and hearts of the audience, leading to a vicarious experience of the adventure. The fantasy brought by the elements of exotic scenery, danger and determined participants, is a context that is prerequisite for success for all associated brands. Survivor allows for not only putting your products on display, but provides the environment where the latter can be demonstrated authentically along with their advantages in practice. After all, fans easily remember the shower scene with product shots that was offered as a prize after the long mud fight.



The action-packed production presents the participants with multiple challenges in each episode through tasks and grind that represent the arena for integration of different products. The latter are always warmly welcomed by the teammates, especially after having been deprived of the luxury of modern life for a while. Let’s face it – who else can feel so ecstatic about a roll of toilet paper?!

Product placement in Survivor is a premium activity that ensures organic access to the content, with opportunities to boost the presence across radio and digital. Emotion and ambition define the game and offer brands presence in the most heated moments, when the audience attention is most active.

On top of that, the leading advantage of the integrated solutions for association, offered by bTV Media Group, go beyond the traditional screen. The big support for our productions among the audience allows for the organic extension of the communication frame – not only in the promotional activities that help popularize the formats, but also at the points of sale and selected outlets by the sponsor, including branding and product design that enhance the on-screen effectiveness.

The reality adventure sensation is not the only new show in our upcoming list. The big news for the massive project comes shortly after the no less exciting announcement about the upcoming TV show “Daddies,” and the quiz show that tests the knowledge of those who participate. With an inquisitive plot that quickly engages the audience in their desire to put their own mind to the test, the show is an additional option to carry out a continuous and effective communication campaign across the bTV Media Group platforms.

 All new titles proudly join the proven portfolio of highly established and audience favorite premium productions – “The Voice of Bulgaria”, “The Farm,” “Bulgaria’s Got Talent,” “Home Makeover”, “MasterChef”, and romantic comedy “Sunny beach.”

 Reach beyond traditional borders and join the adventure!

 * Source: GARB, 2006


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