How To Grab The Attention Using Radio?

Radio is a medium that unites because it is accessible everywhere, communicates through familiar voices and covers everything that is happening right here and now


In today's oversaturated advertising market, every brand is fighting for the attention of consumers in an environment where it is becoming increasingly difficult to focus on specific content. We quickly acquire "advertising blindness" and, consciously or not, ignore the information that surrounds us. It takes something really original to grab our attention.

The challenge is great and it is often the most difficult to put good ideas in a simple package - and quickly. Here comes to the aid of one of the most effective and efficient advertising channels - radio. Creating radio advertising is easy, fast and accessible to all brands, regardless of the sector or size of the business. Marketers can weave their communication messages effortlessly and use audio as a stand-alone channel or as an adjunct to their communication. The radio skillfully activates listeners to purchase, creating neurologically strong and emotionally significant connections with its users. A new study by ARN Neuro Lab* looks specifically at how audio affects attention, attitude, memory, engagement and excitement in the minds of consumers and how to make the best use of it along with other marketing channels.

A study by Radiocentre** shows a record 38% increase in radio listening compared to before the lockdown. One of the reasons for the increase is the fact that it is a reliable platform for news and information for millions of listeners, but it is also a source of good music and good company. It is the medium that gives the highest levels of happiness and energy flow compared to other advertising channels, and thus strengthens the commitment to the message***. That's why many advertisers are turning to this positive, easy-to-use, fast and flexible channel. For example, brands can easily use the positives of the radio for their own activations or by participating in well-established and non-standard advertising campaigns of the radio stations themselves. One of the most recognizable and successful communication platforms on the Bulgarian market is NJOYSummer - the summer tour of Radio N-JOY. Daily spots in ad units, contextually linked live announcements from radio hosts, a 10-week exciting game with big and small prizes, a mobile studio with interviews and coverage of activities on site, presence on the site and on N-JOY's social channels - this are just some of the opportunities for large-scale multi-platform positioning that such a campaign offers to customers.

Radio is a medium that unites because it is accessible everywhere, communicates through familiar voices and covers everything that is happening right here and now. It is also a fast meas of communication, which has been the most reliable media in Europe**** for more than a decade. And to grab attention, you need something really original that you can trust.

The audio assets of a brand can be used in a number of forms such as commercials (TV and radio), sound to pre-roll commercials in digital and radio environments, podcasts, events and more. Marketers often overlook the need to develop audio branding, although audio assets are 3 times more effective than brand visual assets*****. Businesses need to implement a consistent audio strategy to promote long-term customer relationships with the brand and improve the overall effectiveness of their marketing communications.

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