Radio N-JOY With A Record Long Summer Tour Of NJOY Summer

This year as well, the radio is extending the national tour due to the great interest


Radio N-JOY sets a record with NJOY Summer for the longest summer tour in the radio station's 15-year history. For the first time this year, NJOY Summer will be held for 10 consecutive weeks from June 21 to August 27. The reason for the extension of the campaign was the great interest in the tour from listeners and partners. The large-scale summer tour of Bulgaria has become a tradition and a unique guide to the most interesting and fun places and events in our country in the summer season.

From its beginning, the campaign offers partners and listeners a variety of content, favorite music and a very good mood. The daily promo announcements mentioned by the N-JOY presenters, the exciting game with big prizes and the multi-platform positioning make the NJOY Summer offer one of the most attractive campaigns on the radio. The radio once again proves its power by provoking the avalanche of new partners.

During the N-JOY summer tour, the radio team travels with the solar presenters Inspector N-JOY, Neya, Desi, and summer reporter Ognyan Gunchev, who broadcast from a different place in the country every week. The reflections from the place of the natural landmarks of the regions, the attractive hotel complexes and the expert services they offer, make the content extremely attractive not only for the listeners, but also for our clients. In addition to a live presence, they receive on-air coverage and a presence on online radio channels. Every week on the updated website a series of news related to the tour and the opportunities to participate in the game is published. The posts contain information about the sponsors, which is then shared on the Facebook page and Instagram profile of N-JOY, reaching hundreds of thousands of followers.

On the occasion of the extension of the campaign, Radio N-JOY released a bonus game to the weekly prize that accompanies the NJOY Summer campaign every year - a weekend for two in a luxury hotel. In its Instagram profile, the radio held an additional game with gifts, which managed to gather 600 participants in just the first 3 days.

If you want to experience N-JOY Summer - the only campaign of its kind on the Bulgarian radio, which covers the current events and unique sights of Bulgaria through the live broadcasts of the iconic hosts of Radio N-JOY, follow the radio on Facebook and Instagram. If you want to join the next edition of NJOY Summer or another upcoming campaign, contact the colleagues from the "Sales" department of bTV Radio Group at [email protected]