Summer 2021 - Collaborations With Celebrities As An Important Part Of Marketing Strategy

What are the trends and partnerships with celebrities for the upcoming summer season and how bSTARS can be the right solution for brands


After 2020, when businesses tried different methods to adapt their marketing strategies in line with the huge changes that took place, 2021 comes with some promise. Not only are businesses better adapted to the "new normal", but more and more consumers are turning to e-commerce to meet their needs.

One of the big trends in 2020 was the turning of brands to content creators and celebrities with considerable attention in the social networks. By using this approach, brands remained close to their customers and even managed to strengthen their relationship with them. Some even built it from scratch.

In 2021, this trend is expected to continue, and under the spotlight, in addition to the popular people on the screen, are more and more micro-influencers - with a smaller but strongly engaged audience on a particular topic and in a particular segment.

The second trend is investing in long-term relationships with celebrities - both in the digital environment and in comprehensive 360-degree communication campaigns. After the wave of one-off collaborations in 2019 and 2020, there came a desire on the part of brands to build a long-term relationship with content creators. More and more content creators are profiling themselves even more precisely in terms of the topics they talk about, and this inevitably leads to an increase in the engagement of their audience. This is what makes those individuals extremely valuable.

Examples in this regard are the finalists in formats such as "The Voice of Bulgaria", "MasterChef" and "Bulgaria's Got Talent" - people with a regard for a specific topic, which they develop and enrich their audience.

Brands will place increasing emphasis on authentic, real content. In order for this to be possible, popular faces and creators of online content should consider extremely well whether the specific product or service of a brand will resonate with their audience. However, this responsibility also falls on the shoulders of brands.

That is why we at bSTARS always carefully assess the profile of the celebrity and that of the brand, find intersections and analyze the potential results in order to propose the most suited  partnership.

With this huge focus on digital advertising, offline marketing activities have been in the background in the last year, while they offer many tools that have proven successful over time.


 In 2020, this segment of advertising suffered a huge decline and was almost completely excluded from brands’ marketing mix. Some of them, whose events could not be canceled, reformatted their initiatives and held them online. Given the regulations around COVID-19, huge forums will no longer be in focus. The conversation about small, boutique events with a limited audience is opening up more and more.

In addition, in order to reach a wider audience, they will acquire a hybrid nature, i.e. the audience that cannot be present on spot will be given the opportunity to become part of it virtually and to be an equal part through questions and comments. bSTARS has already been part of several similar events, such as the annual Effie Awards performance ceremony, hosted this year by Desislava Stoyanova and Alexander Kadiev. Globally, this trend has been evolving for years, but after COVID-19 it is becoming more convincing.

The summer months, in turn, will allow the realization of outdoor events, again in a smaller composition, but meeting the great need of people to spend time outside, to experience something new and exciting. In this sense, in order to attract the attention of the audience, it is good to engage an experienced and very recognizable host to moderate the event appropriately.

The bSTARS universe includes some of the most popular presenters in our country, who can be engaged as presenters of both hybrid events and summer outdoor happenings.

We should not forget that the summer season means time spent outside the home - on the way to a vacation in the car, a walk around the city under the sun or a vacation at a resort. This creates additional opportunities for the use of already known tools that attract user attention - outdoor advertising, radio advertising, live performances in outdoor locations and more. bSTARS combines and manages some of the most recognizable personalities in our country, who enjoy high trust and talent.

The summer of 2021 promises a consumer "hunger" for emotions, experiences and excitement outside the home, and brands can naturally position themselves in these places and moments, and strengthen their relationship with the audience. We at bTV Media Group are available for our partners to help them in this endeavor.

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