Reality formats and Bulgarian series attract viewers in prime time. bTV News strengthens its position as a leading source of information, program in the spring season turns bTV into the most watched national television channel in Bulgaria*

On June 1, bTV Media Group celebrates 22 years since its establishment. On the same date in 2000 the broadcasting of the first Bulgarian private national television began, and today the company owns six TV channels, five radio stations, a number of digital platforms and a film distribution brand. On the same date, June 1, celebrates its 16th birthday Radio N-JOY – part of the media group and one of the largest music radio chains in the country, known for its hits, high mood, curious star news and show business topics.

The festive occasions brought together the employees of the two companies at a corporate event, where the results of the spring season and the new digital projects, which are part of the media group's portfolio, were presented. The hosts were the beautiful face of bTV News Victoria Goteva and the most recognizable radio voice Gencho Genchev, better known as Inspector N-JOY. Favorite performers such as Vladi Ampov - Grafa and Mihaela Fileva took care of the good mood, and special guests on this day were the kids in the bTV family, who received a lot of fun and surprises.

"The greatest gift is the opportunity to celebrate with those who are trilled and believe the most in what we do - our employees. They are the ones without whom it would not be possible to build the trust that viewers have been voting on bTV for 22 years on television. They are the ones without whom Radio N-JOY would not have become one of the most listened music stations in the last 16 years. We are proud of the high results we achieved during the spring season and continue to invest in local content and digital projects, "said Mr. Martin Svehlak, CEO of bTV Media Group and bTV Radio Group.

A number of premiere shows and series for Bulgaria offered entertainment and good mood to the viewers of bTV Media Group since the beginning of the year. The balanced variety of world-proven reality formats and new productions was the basis of the media program, which ranked again bTV as the most watched national television channel in Bulgaria after the start of the season on February 14 with an average all-day audience of 27% and nearly 30 % average audience share in prime time (all 4+, source GARB), whereby bTV attracts the attention of the largest part of the television viewers of national televisions in the country.

Noema's nationally representative survey, for an audience of 18-54, conducted among 1,031 people in May 2021.

Main source of information among television audience continues to be bTV News. The newsroom with the highest trust* in the country and the central newscast at 19:00 attract nearly 36% of the viewers (chart 2). Data for the news site btvnovinite.bg show an increase in users by 11% since the beginning of the year (Gemius data), and views of specific pages (page views) have increased by 64%.

The Current Affairs programs "Face to Face" and "120 Minutes" follow the events and comments on hot topics of the domestic political situation and international news, confirming a higher average number of viewers in the slot (all 4+, GARB source) during the week and weekend.

Reality formats are the most attractive content for the audience in the spring, which take the audience to an unusual and full of emotions and exotics screen adventures. The high-quality entertainment formats of bTV - "Survivor", "Bulgaria’s got talent" and "The Bachelor" fascinated viewers with their strong and emotional stories, surprising atmosphere, beautiful shots from distant lands and inspiring and talented people.

Modern, intriguing, full of love, tension, laughter, contradictions, ambitions and dreams, the series of bTV - "Sunny Beach" 2 and "I'll Be Fine", as expected, attract a large number of television viewers (Ch. 4). The premiere title in the program – "I'll Be Fine" opened a new page in the history of Bulgarian series, and the story and actors captivated the viewers with themes, problems, emotions and questions presented through a masterful combination of humor and drama, exciting scenes and full-blooded characters.

The amazing game for knowledge "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire", hosted by Michail Bilalov is the clear choice of content in the early prime time (prime access), just before the central newscast, attracting nearly 770,000 viewers daily or twice as many as the main competitors in the slot 18:00 – 19:00.

UEFA European tournaments conquered the channels of bTV Media Group, which again this year hosted the decisive battles. The special studio for the grand final of the UEFA Champions League in Paris 2022 was watched by an average of 457 thousand people live on bTV Action, making it the most watched final of the Champions League for the last 3 years, and the special commentary studio before and after the match won the recognition of fans with timely reactions and high professionalism.

And this year, for its 22nd anniversary, on June 1, bTV celebrates International Children's Day on television. Zlatimir Yochev had a young partner on the show "This Morning", and the central news will be presented by Victoria Petrova and Yuksel Kadriev in the company of young co-hosts. Throughout the day, many faces of bTV News show their photos from childhood with a wish for a smiling and happy festive day for young and grown children.

Happy birthday to all colleagues in bTV Media Group and radio N-JOY!

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