Bulgaria's new bachelor, Alek Mladenov, welcomed 13 charming ladies to the mansion of love in the pilot episode of "The Bachelor" on bTV. Among the first ladies who will fight for the businessman's heart in the most romantic TV adventure are model Ekaterina Todorova, firefighter Gabi Naydenova, student Valeriya Dakova, marketing specialist Pamela Ivanova, swimmer Gabriela Ivanova, wrestling coach Barbara Ivanova, actress, dancer and DJ Tea Dobreva, pharmacist Vaska Djurova, software engineer Nadia Georgieva, singer Kiara Madzharova, influencer Martina Simova, model Shermin Metusheva and flight attendant Ioana Mladenova.

Throughout evening, another 13 intriguing ladies, longing to meet love in the face of businessman Alek Mladenov, crossed the threshold of the luxurious mansion of "The Bachelor". The company of the other girls was joined by the restaurant manager Magdalena Tomova, the psychologist Ivelina Georgieva, the HR specialist Nadezhda Visheva, the sports manager at BFS Victoria Asenova, the IT manager Monika Strahilova, the perfumer Milena Sokolova, the school psychologist Hristiana Manova, the lawyer Silvi Ruseva, the graphic designer Maria Chekmaryova, the make-up artist and screenwriter Krisi Gorgeous, the business analyst Galabina Lilova, the financial director in the IT company Kristina Dobreva and the business development manager Mimi Stoyanova.

During their introduction to Alec, the ladies managed to surprise him with a T-shirt of the national football team with his name and date of birth, a perfume specially created for him, a poster of a movie in which he is the main character, a special business plan on how to make money heart, invitation for a passionate bachata dance, an hourglass, a ripe red plum, and a compass. Particularly impressive were the appearances of the psychologist Ivelina, who entered the mansion on a horse, and Mimi, who arrived in a bridal veil directly after a bachelorette party. Meanwhile, the angel cards of the lawyer Sylvie predicted to Alec that a wedding awaits him...

The sensation of the evening was definitely the "Kyustendil Madonna" Christiana, who literally managed to raise the spirits in the mansion with her casual demeanor. It became the reason for the first sparks between her and Tea, with whom they exchanged biting comments throughout the evening. Already in the first minutes of their acquaintance, the two contenders for Alec's heart showed that they did not like each other at all, and one of the reasons for a clash between them was Valeria's dress.

During the cocktail party, Alec managed to be alone with Victoria, who admitted to him that she signed up for "The Bachelor" only because of his beautiful blue eyes and smile, and with Nadezhda, who decided not to tell him that she had a son at the moment. The cherished Pink Rose – a symbol of an unforgettable first impression – went into Maggie's hands. “You made an insanely real and beautiful impression on me from the moment you walked in. It is with great happiness, enthusiasm and curiosity that I will want to experience more meetings with you, in which you tell me about yourself and get into you", were the words of Alec, presenting the special rose to Maggie.

Yesterday also saw the first Rose Ceremony of the season, and Galabina was the one who didn't get a flower from Alec and dropped out of the race for his heart forever. "The moment I didn't hear my name, I felt nothing but immense pain," she did not hide her disappointment after saying goodbye to the new "bachelor" of Bulgaria. Viewers can now watch Naum Shopov's interview with Galabina in the new episode of the digital sequel to "The Bachelor" - "After the Ceremony".

"The Bachelor" continues next week with two new exciting episodes - on Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 20:00 on bTV!