Tervel Pulev's heroic success against Roly Lambert and his older brother Kubrat's unblemished performance against Igor Shevazutsky, which secured Cobra the World Boxing Association's International title, were followed by a combined 40% (GARB, All4+) of the audience of both bTV and bTV Action. Nearly 577,000 TV viewers followed the boxing fights in the time slot from 22:00 to 00:18 on Saturday night (GARB, A4+), and peak viewing interest was at 22:01, when over 781,000 Bulgarians tuned their receivers to bTV and bTV Action. All of btvsport.bg's materials dedicated to the event had more than 145 000 reads (30-31 March) and 30 000 people watched the live boxing gala on-line.

The sports editorial team of bTV News successfully implemented the project dedicated to the boxing gala night in Arena Sofia, whose main matches were the fights of Kubrat and Tervel Pulev. The event offered a lot of emotions in the channels of bTV Media Group on Saturday night (30 March). The presentation of the two brothers was broadcast live on bTV, bTV Action and online on the sports website btvsport.bg, and the viewers of bTV Action had the opportunity to follow the entire fight gala from 19.00 with special studios with hosts Petar Bakardzhiev and Ilia Iliev. In addition to the live broadcast on bTV Media Group channels, the sports editorial team also produced exclusive material from the preparation of the two brothers in the special digital series "In the Gloves of Pulev".

Kubrat Pulev passed Igor Shevadzutsky, nicknamed Hulk, without any problems. The Bulgarian boxer won by a judges' decision after 12 rounds in front of the full stands of Arena Sofia. And victory No. 31 in his professional career brought him the WBA international title. Tervel Pulev, on the other hand, forged a heroic victory at the boxing gala night at Arena Sofia after beating Cameroon's Roly Lambert by a judges' decision. It was success №19 in his professional career.

Besides the masterful victories of the brothers, the fans saw four more Bulgarian triumphs. Slavi Haralambov knocked out Ermin Sali in 180 seconds, Kiril Rusinov outpointed Venhar Khaziri, Daniel Asenov recorded an excellent debut in the pros against Milan Savic, and Peter Draganov defeated Angel Adrian spectacularly in the first round.