Worldwide adventure reality TV phenomenon makes its premiere on bTV

The new TV competition is titled "The Island of 100 Bracelets", the participants will compete for a big prize of 300 000 BGN and the casting call starts on 13 March

Worldwide adventure reality TV phenomenon makes its premiere on bTV


A sensation in the world of entertainment shows, captivating millions of viewers around the world in 2023, is coming with a premiere season in Bulgaria. bTV Media Group acquired the rights for the reality format "Million Dollar Island", which is licensed by Talpa Studios. 

In Bulgaria, the show will be produced under the title "The Island of 100 Bracelets" and will offer an impressive prize fund of 300 000 BGN. Preparations for the reality show is already in progress, and the casting call starts on March 13 in the online entry form at


"I’m delighted that we have the opportunity to bring a successful global format to the Bulgarian market for the first time. The changes in bTV's programm have been significant. Since the beginning of the year we have seen excellent results with all the new entertainment formats and shows launched in the spring season. Our ambition is to offer even more variety and quality productions, as well as to continue the development and growth of thematic channels. I promise our viewers surprises with new shows and more first-class entertainment content," says Ralf Bartoleit, CEO of bTV Media Group.

The new adventure show "The Island of 100 Bracelets" has a never-before-seen regulation. It takes 30 unknown participants to a place where, far from anything familiar, they create their own community laws. A place they can go home from with a real lot of money, and power is on their wrist. The huge stakes, the pressure of competition along with nature’s elements will bring out the true nature of everyone. It's up to them to stay authentic and win the battles, even when luck isn't on their side, to make it to the finals and win the grand prize.

Each participant in the reality show will experience their ability to survive on an isolated tropical island in the middle of the ocean, far from the comforts and conveniences of civilization, but close to a truly great treasure - the bracelet. In it are concentrated not only power and money, but also the big goal. The three players with the most bracelets on their wrist will advance to the final to compete for their share of the 300,000 BGN prize pool.
All participants who set foot on the island receive an equal number of bracelets that will correspond to a certain value. While on the island, adventurers can win and lose bracelets by competing in various challenges or receiving them from other participants as well. Therefore, the well-being of each player in the new society created in "The Island of 100 Bracelets" will depend on the people they surround themselves with, and friendships - emotional and strategic - will be worth a fortune! Those who manage to show courage, adaptability and build a good strategy, and of course those whom fate loves, will walk the path of wealth, collecting more and more bracelets from their friends and rivals. And the others, who remain without bracelets, will be in danger of losing their place in the game.


The adventure reality show "The Island of 100 Bracelets" will offer viewers strong emotions with the stories of a new society whose members will not only struggle with nature’s elements on the island full of mysteries, surprises and difficulties, but will also create strategies, friendships and coalitions with the sole aim of winning a share of the grand prize of 300 000 BGN. 

The "Island of 100 bracelets" is calling you! Apply the casting HERE  

Format is owned by Talpa Studios and Monday Media © and original format by John de Mol, Wim van Dam and Jourik Vandervorst.

Worldwide adventure reality TV phenomenon makes its premiere on bTV