bTV Media Group officially launched its new television season with a glamorous event held under the motto LIGHT UP YOUR SPIRIT. In fall season, viewers will find new and modern mix of fun, entertainment, top journalism and content with high production and technological quality.

LIGHT UP YOUR SPIRIT gathered journalists, media experts and guests from the television industry, business clients and partners of the media group. A 360-degree projection with multimedia content and real decor recreated the atmosphere of the modern urban environment in the hall. The faces of bTV Zlatimir Yochev and Beste Sabri, Peter Dochev and Maria Sylvester, were "hosts" on the stage. The "Voice of Bulgaria" coach Miro and the musical group TRIGAIDA took care of the good party experience.

We continue to create a modern multimedia entertainment environment that caters to the young and urban audience, but also to the broad television audience in the country. Our entertainment and reality formats, along with news and current affairs, remain an integral part of our multi-platform business. In 2024, we promise even more diverse content across our entire TV and digital portfolio," said Ralf Bartoleit, CEO of bTV Media Group.

"With the beginning of fall 2023, we are preparing viewers to expect the unexpected, with a flavor of many surprises. Not only technological innovations will stand out this fall, but so will the energy and messages for a colorful and vibrant city life, reflected through the prism of the world of bTV Media Group," adds Velimira Petrova, the group's Sales Director.

The combination of compelling content, digital agility and increased consumption are driving growth in the media industry, and in particular the development of CME`s Group Media. Since the 2020 PPF acquisition, CME has become one of the largest and most sustainable broadcasters in the CEE region.

CME operates television stations in Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Romania and Moldova, Slovakia and Slovenia, and is one of the leading media and entertainment companies in Central and Eastern Europe. CME broadcasts 43 television channels, both free-to-air and paid, and reaches a total of 49 million viewers. CME also owns the SVOD platform VOYO.

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