bTV won the battle for viewers' interest on election day

Election studios and special news broadcasts were preferred by the audience*


bTV offered a real election spectacle, covering the parliamentary vote  in an objective and large-scale way with more than 17 hours on air, that won the audience’s trust. The results of the peoplemetrics agency GARB for April 2nd show that viewers chose bTV's election studios and news broadcasts in front of the rest in age group 4+. The special broadcast offered a mix of the highlights of the voting day across the country and abroad live with the reporters and correspondents, exclusive guests in the 360-degree studio of bTV News and a special outsourced studio in the Triangle of Power, investigations for voting trade and the first results of the exit polls of sociological agencies presented by augumented reality.

The special edition of "Face to Face" from 4 to 5 pm offered quality journalism, with the talks of presenter Tsvetanka Rizova and her guests attracting to bTV 21.6% of TV compared to 15.7% who chose the next TV in terms of results:

The big election studio started at 5 pm, as Anton Hekimyan and Maria Tsantsarova and Svetoslav Ivanov were the hosts in two different studio sets, and Zlatimir Yochev and Vanina Nedkova - in the outside studio in the Largo. A total of 24.1% of TV viewers chose the bTV program in the time slot 5 – 7 pm, which once again gives the media first place. In absolute numbers, viewers are over 403 thousands, compared to 338 who watched the next TV station in this time slot:

The one-hour noon bTV news broadcast at 12 pm with anchors Viktoria Petrova and Yuksel Kadriev was watched by 24.8% from all who watched TV at this time slot, and the central broadcast of bTV news from 7 pm attracted 30% of viewers, or over 634 000, keeping the leading position among all channels:

The evening election segment 'Parliament 49: Election Time', which started at 7:30 was preferred by 24.4% of TV viewers, with an average of 469,000 of viewers watching the over 5-hours show:

The live broadcast of the program on the internet platform from 4pm to 1 am was followed by over 57 thousand users, and the special section of "Parliament 49: Time to choose" collected all the most important in one place in real time, seeing a jump in site visits by 126% compared to the average results for the last four Sundays, reaching 610 thousands page views. There is an increase also compared to the previous elections day on 2nd October 2022, when the site had over 523 thousand page views. The digital department again offered special content for online users with exclusive interviews and footage from the kitchen during the election day.

*According to GARB data for April 2 for age group 4+