Desislava Proeva: Today we have more freedom to turn any idea into a large-scale project

bTV Media Group's Director of Sales in an interview for the special edition of the "24 Hours", "Women, Smart World"


When it comes to connecting great content with a large and engaged audience, there is no disputing that Desislava Proeva, Director of Sales at bTV Media Group since 2018 with the help of her talented team, continues to transform trends in the media industry and connect established and new brands with the attention of millions of Bulgarian viewers. She is responsible for the monetization of bTV Media Group's portfolio of TV and radio channels, digital platforms and a number of strategic partnerships.

She graduated from the University of Saarland, Germany, where she obtained a master's degree in business administration with a focus on information systems and controlling, and numbers and finding successful solutions have excited her since she was a child. With more than 20 years of experience in the field of media and sales, she has been with bTV Media Group for 15 years and continues to be inspired by media sales, where the two worlds of numbers and creativity meet; of bold and workable solutions, and of efficiency. She stays informed and keeps gaining new knowledge about current trends in media sales and advertising. For years she has been a jury on the most important awards for effectiveness in the industry, Effie Bulgaria and Effie Awards Europe, which distinguish all forms of marketing contributing to the success of brands.

She firmly believes that the most successful leaders are those who know how to lead the processes so skillfully that when the work is done and the goal is fulfilled - everyone is convinced that they managed it themselves. She knows that with consistency and desire, any success is completely attainable.

In addition to her dedication in the corporate environment, she is a cultural and culinary traveler, adventurer, wife and mother. She was born in Varna, studied in Plovdiv, and her childhood and life passed in different places, including abroad. She meets a variety of people from different countries. She is a mother of two children with whom she loves to travel and often conquer mountain peaks, hidden trails or simply explore urban dynamics together. She likes to create and draw.

Vision for tomorrow:

The profession

The recipe for any successful step forward has always been about putting in a lot of heart, soul, mind and healthy nerves. Adrenaline, dynamism and extremely interesting people and situations that I encounter in my daily life keep filling me with enthusiasm, energy and new ideas. I wish that this drive will not subside and that I will continue to challenge myself.

The industry around high-quality, engaging content and access to it is evolving at the high speed of global trends. Just one example is the innovative solutions such as augmented reality and video podcasts that bTV Media Group's platforms offer. Every day we are amazed by the speed and interactions we can achieve with the latest technologies and the power of artificial intelligence, and very often the very next day we are successfully implementing them on air.

The woman

The freedom and ease with which one can turn an idea into a large-scale and successful project today is stronger than ever. In our uncertain and complex times, it is the strengths of women that can transform the world for the better. With this energy, even the wildest dreams easily become reality. The main thing is to constantly improve. Let's not settle for the status quo and keep investing in ourselves. To retrain and upgrade, improve and build on our existing abilities, to learn from mentors, mentors and bright personalities, and to promote a productive approach. Successful women inspire, influence and show people how to step boldly forward and face challenges.

You can read the entire interview in the special edition of "24 Chasa" - "Women - a smart world".