What Is The Sound Of Halloween?

Dive into Halloween sounds, spirit and mood in the program of bTV Media Group

We open the doors for the Halloween mood, emotions and fun in October. Share the beloved and playful charge of the holiday with captivating content in the bTV Media Group program.

The focus will be on a trick to detect a special signal that will sound on the air of the leading music station - Radio N-JOY. For a period of 2 weeks on the air of N-JOY will sound a special signal related to the activities of a client. The hosts will announce and direct the listeners to hear the Halloween sound and join the game. The condition for participation is easy - registration on the radio site and answer an open question "What is the sound of the day." On the title page of the site will also be published news about the game with a corporate image of the sponsor, with details about the activation in the "Games" section.


Halloween will also be the topic of the month in one of the most popular women's sites ladyzone.bg.

On the page "Tricks and treats from childhood" celebrities will share their recipe for the holiday with their favorite (children's) treat, spiced with memories of mischief, as well as answers to funny questions.

Halloween flavor and fun atmosphere will be the focus of the television air, with fun communication about the game. Before Noon in its beloved style and charge will direct viewers to the radio game with playful scenes and fun conversations between the hosts, provoked around the special signals. Because no matter how passionate we are about something, there are favorite sounds that inspire and bring fun. Choose specially selected thematic movie titles planned on bTV in the Megahit slot through premium sponsored forms that will allow you to link to their content.

We invite you in October to connect with the entertainment in the program of one of the most entertaining channels bTV Comedy. Co-branding the channel in the period before and during Halloween will complement the thematic communication and association with a special selection of movies and favorite animations.

Share the spirit of Halloween through thematic and fun content with a multi-platform proposal (EN), which the bTV Media Group team has prepared especially for you.


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