“Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” Returns And So Is The Show’s Online Game

bWEB provides an additional digital opportunity for advertisers


The most exciting game of knowledge returns on air with a new season on 13 February 2023, and the online game will be enriched with new interesting questions. In its first year, the “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” game generated a huge amount of interest with almost 10 million page views and over one and a half million unique visits. 

Just like the TV game, which is broadcast every day at 18:00 on bTV, the online version has 15 questions and three lifelines, with the difficulty level of the questions being the same.

Unlike the famous show, however, the answers are not tied to cash prizes, but the fun remains the same. Especially for the most ardent fans, upon reaching a certain level of difficulty on the game's questions, participants have the opportunity to share their achievement on Facebook, earning one of the titles "bronze", "silver", "elite" or "gold" player respectively. Participants have 60 seconds to answer a question from any of the following areas: history, geography, biology, math, finance, celebrities, etc. The well-known lifelines - 50-50, Phone a friend, and Ask the Audience are also at their disposal.

The game is available on the bTV website - www.btv.bg/stani-bogat/igra/ , and the digital team promises lots of fun and new knowledge for all who decide to join in.

Especially for advertisers, bWEB provides one additional digital opportunity: pop-ups that open when a certain level is reached, providing a unique branding position and the possibility to implement a game with a giveaway of prizes.  The digital game amounts can also be branded with an advertiser logo, and the game section can be fully branded with a Skin Ad banner format. The game can be accessed anywhere and anytime via desktop or mobile device, while on btvplus.bg viewers can watch the TV episodes, which provides an additional opportunity for advertisers to place their sponsor screensavers on the uploaded episodes.