Music Christmas With bTV Media Group

We celebrate the Christmas holidays in the company of music and good mood all day long across the bTV Media Group platforms


We are getting closer and closer to one of the brightest times of the year - long awaited and filled with good mood, a time for well-deserved rest and shared moments with loved ones.

Christmas and New Year traditionally create occasions for experiences - live and on screen. We are delighted to be able to offer themed content across all bTV Media Group platforms.

Last month we teased how the media group will welcome the festive season, and we are now ready to share our special content proposal for presence for both Christmas – with plenty of music, film adventures and engaging emotions in our current shows, as well as for New Year’s Eve – with presence for the night’s peak moment during the toast on the eve of January 1st.

Our team is happy to welcome your inquiries and give you more information!