Shop Smart With bTV Media Group

Content across all platforms to help consumers make informed choices during the annual Black Friday sales


Black Friday is closer than we imagine. Chain stores and brands will launch their campaigns weeks before Black Friday itself, and consumers are already in the habit of expecting the wave of offers and discounts to please themselves and their loved ones.

Shopping is guaranteed, but how can we combine the useful with the pleasant and apply techniques for maximum satisfaction and smart decisions during the pre-holiday shopping marathon? It is these topics that will be discussed by bTV Media Group's popular radio and TV personalities, aiming to help consumers make a more informed choice with our new thematic proposal.

The topic comes with multiple brand integration options that can become part of the overall Black Friday experience across bTV Media Group platforms.

On Radio N-JOY, we will challenge the audience to share their tricks for smart shopping and preparатион for the big discounts. Through a post on N-JOY's social networks, we will invite users to highlight tips for preparing before the start of Black Friday and making the most of their favorite products. The activation enables any advertiser to come on board as a sponsor of the game with a visual presence on the media's social networks.

In the digital environment, we will reach people in the environment in which they most often look for current offers, and in the most visible way through pre-roll video and special rich media formats, targeted to the desired audience.

On television, we will take advantage of the up-to-date content of the show "Before Noon", which allows integration into a number of segments tailored to the client's product, such as "Fashion Minutes", "Yes, Chef „, and “You Can Do It".

And since shopping can be done at any time of the day, Black Friday can find its place in the opening monologue of Nikolaos Tsitiridis, in which the host comments on news and current events. Black Friday can be a motive both for a funny look at the increasingly necessary shopping tradition, and an emphasis on a specific segment of the presenter's monologue, or in the show's traditional covers of popular songs.

Shopping is a pleasure and at bTV Media Group, we will make it fun and informative, providing integration opportunities tailored to the brands' product/service.

Our team is available to provide you with information and creative association solutions.