Back To School With Radio N-JOY On September 16 In The South Park

This year as well, the unforgettable adventure "Back to School" with Radio N-JOY will traditionally be held in the capital's South Park right at the start of the school year - on September 16


Lots of fun, games, interactions, songs, laughter and countless gifts will delight children and their parents in South Park.

In addition to lots of music and games with great prizes, we will once again put a focus on the safety of our children and organize a real radio fan meeting with patrolling police officers and firefighters. During the event, there will also be an action of the largest national voluntary cleaning campaign "Let's clean Bulgaria together".

Since 2015, the radio has been holding the annual large-scale event, which aims to give the fans of hit music the opportunity to meet directly with their favorite artists, to welcome the new school year with smiles, games and many prizes. In 2022, anyone who wanted to could get into a real police car and take a photo on a patrol bike with the help of officers from the General Directorate of the National Police. On the Great Meadow in the South Park, there was a fire truck with a team of firefighters from the General Directorate of Fire Safety and Protection of the Population, who taught young and old how to shoot at a target with a fire hose. Affected by the frequent accidents and incidents, firefighters and police officers on site paid special attention to give children and parents valuable advice for their safety.

During the Back to School event with Radio N-JOY, there will be various relay games and agility and speed challenges that young and old can participate in. With their participation, they will be able to win great prizes from radio N-JOY and its partners.

Each guest of the event will be able to simultaneously express their empathy for the protection of the environment and welcome the new school year with hit music and games with prizes. Together, the campaign "Let's clean Bulgaria together" and the event on radio N-JOY will draw attention to personal responsibility and contribution in caring for the cleanliness of the planet, the future and the education of children.

Be a part of our unforgettable BackToSchool adventure with Radio N-JOY! Our partners and sponsors will be located amphitheater-style on the big stage. In their specially built tents, they will welcome their visitors, present their products and delight children and their parents with gifts. Our partners' brands can be tied to the sports challenges, having the opportunity to provide the "grand prize" directly on stage. Using the power of radio, a week before the event, on air, through sponsor promo announcements and live appearances by our hosts, we will invite listeners to have fun together. Your participation will be noted and visualized on the radio and social media site. You can see our offer here.