Reach a Larger and More Engaged Audience Through bTV Media Group’s Multiplatform Solutions!

Effective brand integrations into an unique portfolio of platforms


bTV Media Group offers multi-platform solutions for advertisers that follow the habits of content consumption today. By connecting the brands to high quality content that lives in the unique blend of TV, radio and digital platforms, advertisers will benefit on the one hand from a diverse and engaged audiences , and low levels of overlapping between the platforms, on the other. bTV Media Group's portfolio offers suitable solutions for all stages across the marketing funnel, reaching the audiences throughout its entire active daily life in a memorable way.

By implementing multi-platform campaigns on bTV Media Group’s channels, advertisers are reaching a larger, more engaged and more precisely targeted audience; they are able to integrate the brand message in a brand safe environment through visible, state-of the art brand incorporations beyond the standard advertising forms.

bTV Media Group provides on unique portfolio of platforms through which advertisers can achieve their communication goals and increase their business results.


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