Why Use Radio Advertising?

The combination of radio with other media channels increases the overall effect of advertising campaigns


Advertisers often use the radio simply as a means to activate users or to broadcast high-frequency tactical messages quickly. However, this leads to the loss of benefits for brands. The wide range of the radio and the positive effect it has on the mood of the listeners, in combination with the listening places, make this channel much more functional and applicable for brand development, activating the listeners to purchase, gaining wide brand recognition, building trust in the brand, upgrading in omnichannel communication, etc.

For the more daring marketers, the combination of a creative approach and bold strategic planning of the media leads to positive results not only in terms of radio activities, but also in terms of the overall performance of the advertised brand.


In this article, we will present in more detail the effect of radio on brands in different sectors and the key roles that the media can play in its broader media mix.

Radio as a leading channel for communication

Radio can be an effective leading advertising channel. Sound is an underrated way that is underused and has a strong emotional impact. With less investment than television, radio can help brands reach an audience and build an emotional connection with it. Listeners spend much of their media time on commercial radio (an average of about 2 hours a day), which gives advertisers the opportunity to quickly take up space in the minds of listeners. As the radio is often combined with a number of other activities, it can be used to "talk" to consumers at appropriate times for the brand. When the radio is used as the leading communication channel, it is often used to direct people online for additional information and / or purchase.

Let's look at how advertisers use radio as part of a broader media combination to improve overall campaign performance.

Radio and television

Radio and television offer a powerful and widely used media combination

Both media share many common strengths: both are consumed daily, accounting for a high share of media daily consumption, and as real-time media, both are effective in reaching new customers and emotionally engaging with the advertised brand. Radio amplifies and expands the impact of the TV campaign by using memorable audio signals, so-called audio branding. Through radio, brands also affect consumers at the hearing level, which leads to easier memorization (causes visual recall of television advertising). The combination of the two channels expands the overall scope and effectiveness of the campaign. More on the topic of the effect of synergistic use of these channels can be found in the Radio Multiplier Study.

Radio and online

The combination of radio and online advertising is definitely a powerful media mix. As a real-time linear service, radio is a great complement to the online media available on demand. Radio ads maintain low levels of avoidance, making the media stand out from the rest in terms of effectiveness in spreading brand awareness among all consumers, regardless of the level of interest in a brand. On the other hand, digital advertising is very effective, allowing consumers to pursue their interest in a product or service up to and including the time of purchase. A 2017 Touchpoints study found that 16% of radio listening time was accompanied by online consumption, allowing listeners to react online almost instantly to something they heard on the air.

Radio and print media

Radio and print media have complementary strengths. While radio plays the role of a broadcast medium that establishes the presence of a brand in the minds of consumers, newspapers consolidate this contact by providing more details about an offer or service of the brand in question. The linear nature of radio means that messages can be synchronized and reach people at times when they have the greatest impact. In this way, radio has proven to be an effective awareness engine when used in addition to print advertising.

Radio and outdoor advertising

Radio and outdoor advertising forms can also be an effective combination. The two channels share many common features - they reach people while they do other things, and both channels are able to reach people in different attitudes, at home and outside. The radio can add a voice to the brand image you see outdoors. The introduction of digital poster formats creates new opportunities for cross-media advertising.

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