Celebrate December 8 With A Radio Marathon On Radio N-JOY

А special program envisions many prizes and surprises for the listeners, ensuring special placement of the sponsor – that could be you


This year, the favorite student holiday will be unforgettable thanks to a radio marathon on the air of Radio N-JOY. On December 8, the most listened to pop radio* will celebrate the day for more than 20 hours. The radio marathon will start at 7 AM with the "Inspector N-JOY Show" and will continue until the late night. Hosts Inspector N-JOY, Neya, Desi and Niki will meet listeners with favorite artists and actors who will tell funny stories, memories and hilarious moments from their student years.

The broadcast program will be enriched by appearances from Yasen Vakashinski, who will monitor the news during the day and in each hour, together with the presenter of the block, he will present a curious fact from the history of the day or the tradition of the holiday. But what is a holiday without gifts and greetings? The radio's Facebook page will be the place for listener greetings and musical wishes, and the sponsorship will be elegantly incorporated into the December 8 studio special.

After 20:00, the student radio party will continue with live broadcasts and atmosphere from the hot party spots in the city. The special program foresees many prizes and surprises for the listeners, ensuring special placement of the sponsor. You can see the current opportunities to participate in the unique Radio N-JOY marathon here

*  The pop radio with the most minutes listened to on average per day in the target group of 18-45 year-olds, according to data from the peoplemetrics agency GARB for the period August 2021 - August 2022