Discover How To Transform Your Home Or Garden With "The Craftsman In You"

A new segment on the air of Radio N-JOY enables the positioning of construction materials, tools and equipment for repairs


Have you ever needed to do a renovation and didn't know where to start? What are the right materials to make repairs in the bathroom or on the balcony, how to transform the garden in a few easy steps or which company should we turn to if we want a complete renovation of the apartment? To the rescue comes Radio N-JOY's new on-air segment, "The Craftsman in You", which lets listeners find out how to do all of the above and more.

This section also gives brands that find it difficult to find their natural, contextual advertising space, the opportunity to present their building materials, tools and repair techniques. If you are a manufacturer or trader of similar materials, or your activity is directly related to repair work and you want to present your products to the end users, our new segment is the right place. We at Radio N-JOY have a solution on how to do your placement in an effective way and meet you with the audience in a mutually beneficial dialogue.

For a period of two weeks, we will create a special section for you on the air of one of the largest radio stations in the country. Every day, the radio hosts will share information about your products and how they can be most easily used. With your cooperation, we will recreate real situations in which your products or services can be used effectively. Subtly positioning your brand in a segment that targets specific products, tools or stores allows listeners to associate the brand with a specific context.

The details of the offer allow the rubric to implement a game in which the sponsor provides prizes to the listeners. Our offer also includes live announcements, tags and product placement as effective advertising forms woven into the daily program of the air. You can learn more about the new segment „The Craftsman in You" and the possibilities for your integration from our colleagues from the Radio Sales team.