Jazz & Wine – Taste Matters

Get involved with the thematic radio proposal for the upcoming holiday


Whether you are one of the romantic hearts who loudly celebrate Valentine's Day or rather you are one of the people who celebrate the love of wine, the Jazz FM radio has prepared a great proposal for the occasion.

In February, we give the opportunity to winemakers and distributors to place a brand next to the distinctive music of Jazz FM. The special character of the wines will be emphasized by a combination of a sponsored banner of the client, an on-air and online information section about the wine and by organizing a game for the listeners.

For a period of two weeks at the beginning of the month there will be a sponsorship positioning outside the commercial block between 16:00 and 20:00 and can be combined with a special musical greeting to the audience.

In addition, in the show "Afternoon Improvisations" hosted by Tanya Ivanova we will hold a game through which we will give a bottle of wine to one of our listeners every day. A selection of wine selections can be presented on the air. Every day in the wine will be of a different kind and this will be mentioned by the host to emphasize the diversity offered by our partner, as well as the highlights in "Wine of the Month", "Latest", "Best Selling" and other client priorities.

In parallel, we will conduct a weekly information section, through which within 60 seconds we will give useful information about wine - how to grow good grapes, how much quality wine is aged, what are the right food combinations, how to consume it to benefit for health, etc. The information will also be published on the radio's website.

We can develop our cooperation into many different initiatives related to music and the pleasure of wine.