Olympic Highlights On The Radio

Position your brand along the 2022 sporting event


The Beijing Winter Olympics are undoubtedly one of the most important sporting events of 2022. The exciting Olympics will start on February 4 and will definitely keep sports lovers in front of the screen. And for those who will not be able to always be in front of the screens, watching all the events, bTV Radio and Radio N-JOY have prepared special sports newsletters.

Regular broadcasts in the program of the music and music information radio will summarize the most important things from the world of sports and the Winter Olympics, so that the listeners know everything interesting.

When all eyes and ears are focused on such current events, it is the right time to link your brand with regular prime-time broadcasts. Every weekday, the sports commentators of radio N-JOY and bTV Radio will inform about everything important from the program of the Winter Olympic Games. They will present the latest news, results and achievements, will monitor the Bulgarian participation and the development of the individual finals. All this will be part of the sports show on the radio five times a day, round the clock in the prime time.

If you are interested in associating your brand with the Olympics and positioning yourself with an advertising banner that declares your commitment to the sporting event of 2022, see the offer of bTV Radio Group.

 Follow all the events and sports from the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.