That Special Someone Is YOU

This Valentine’s Day we celebrate the love and attention we dedicate to ourselves with an invitation for a “bachelor party” across the platforms of bTV Media Group


Ah, Valentine’s Day – a time to pay special attention to your partner, while celebrating under the dim light of aroma candles, cuddled up in a mountain chalet with Michael Bolton playing in the background, and a plate full of lavishly arranged molecular appetizers, crafted by an ambitiously energetic young chef.

Yes, that may be the reality for some couples in love, but what does the holiday look like for the single ones – those who are somewhat sidelined by the festivity with a slight discriminative undertone? The latter often leads to denial of our role and ourselves as individuals who can be passionately in love, leading us towards celebrations of the local tribute to wine craft – Trifon Zarezan. For the single ones, Valentine’s Day is yet another reminder that for another year in a row they are celebrating alone in the company of a well-cultivated grape harvest and homemade dips, carefully packaged at the nearby supermarket.

In contrast to the dose of pity that this reality might inspire in some people, this year bTV Media Group invites you to celebrate the most important kind of love –self-love! The daily lives of singles can be so likable in the company of good friends, relentless humor and fun shows on TV and online. Every advertiser (no matter whether single or not) can become part of the activities curated by the team at bTV Media Group, designed to make the holiday an unforgettable comic adventure. We will introduce the audience with our special thematic proposal very soon, along with the ways through which you can be part of the Single Valentine’s Day!

The main focus is the upcoming premiere show on the air of bTV – The Bachelor, which comes with a promise for love, a moderate dose of drama and lots of exotic scenery. The global phenomenon tells the story of a man whose life has not yet crossed him with his soulmate. A similar fortune has been dealt to the women who will try to conquer his heart. Each episode will reveal the path towards finding love, which is an incredible way to entertain yourself beyond the individual vanity of the life as a single person on Valentine’s Day.

And since classic is always in style, bTV Cinema prepares a marathon with the fun crowd from “The Hangover” trilogy, as well as a selection of movies by the brilliant comedian and fan-favorite character from the series – Zach Galifianakis. Laughter, bachelor party and sarcastic remarks – what else is needed for a good time?

The communication campaign will be reinforced in “Before noon” with an interesting topic about the emotions, challenges and lifestyle of singles, as well as ideas for alternative ways to spend Valentine’s Day.

In the digital environment, we will introduce users with curious fun stories from the bachelor lives of famous people from the arts and sports, while the listeners of our radio stations will be able to greet a special someone on air.

Allow yourselves to celebrate the love you have for yourselves – the most important foundation for a successful relationship. The variety of advertising opportunities for our partners will enable everyone to become part of the audience experience, while the comic content provides the contextual environment for a remarkable and unforgettable brand communication with an added value.

We will be sharing more details for our thematic proposal, and our team is available to offer the best ways to participate in the process of delivering good mood!