Attention Guaranteed: May Comes With Countless Surprises And Opportunities In The Platforms Of bTV Media Group

The Spring month reveals the start of premiere and long-awaited titles in the television program, while the web space offers rich content and two brand new websites


The fifth month of the year has interesting symbolism - according to numerology, 5 is the number of adventures, challenges and emotional sensitivity. Each person has five senses that help us feel the surrounding reality, which makes the month of May full of emotion and novelty, as well as a trembling anticipation for the coming summer.

Entertainment lurks everywhere, and at a time when the audience is actively looking for it. That is why in May the program of bTV Media Group will unite in one entertainment for all senses and preferences. The long-awaited second season of the audience favorite "Sunny Beach" starts at the beginning of the month on May 3. The episodes will kick off with broadcasts on Tuesday and Wednesday from 21:00. This season the cast will be joined by many new additions, including Anya Pencheva, Kiril Efremov, Joro Toshev, Vladi Vargala and Angela Nedyalkova for an even more exciting and intricate plot. In the coming weeks, our team will distribute the special offer for association with the series.

Laughter breeds laughter, which is why the same date sees the launch of the premiering entertainment production of the kings of the comedy genre - "The Show". The half-hour format brings together Lubo Neykov, Toncho Tokmakchiev, Hristo Garbov, Filip Avramov, Nencho Ilchev, Petyo Petkov - Shaybata and Rada Kayryakova, who will guarantee a good mood in front of the screens directed by Dimitar Mitovski. "The Show" is a fun wink to all the familiar evening talk show formats, recreated through the authentic talent of each of the actors. Entering the classic collective images, they will comment on current topics in a comedic "clash" with a sense of humor, a combination of sketches, and authentic acting improvisations.

The end of the month will delight fans of the favorite format "Wife Swap" with premiere episodes starting on Friday, May 27.

Along with the long-awaited premieres, the month of May comes with several particularly emotional endings that combine the audience's need for love, amazement and joy. The winner of the eighth season of "Bulgaria's Got Talent" will be chosen on May 15, marking the end to this surprise-filled format. Integration opportunities once again include the unparalleled 360-degree livestream integration, which makes the viewer part of the stage thrill and our team will share details about it soon.

Also fervent is the anticipation of the finale of the most romantic reality show on the air - "The Bachelor". Who will be Victor's chosen one and how the relationship between the ladies will develop until the end will be revealed on Friday, May 20, immediately after the final episode of the first season of "I'll Be Fine."

A package of various alternative forms on TV will distinguish and bind the client with amazing content, which guarantees attention.

A branded promo bug for the month of the grand finales, planned during the broadcast of the top titles and sponsorship banners before and after the exciting final episodes of the formats will provide opportunities for advertisers to become part of the viewer experience.

In addition, special sponsored promos with a promo tag communicating the month of the grand finales, and broadcast in a variety of time slots, will bind the sponsor with exciting TV titles as well as colorful emotions and entertainment at various levels.

To the mix of bTV channels we will add radio broadcasting, which we will diversify with non-standard advertising forms such as countdown and sponsorship tags. Through them we will count down the remaining time until the end of the favorite formats and we will announce the upcoming hit premieres. In this way, Radio N-JOY and bTV Radio will accompany the culmination of the reality TV season and will promote the new TV productions in May, announcing the client's sponsorship.

For fans of sports, the channels and platforms of bTV Media Group prepare content from several disciplines in which the viewer has a strong interest. Along with UEFA Europa League, UEFA Europa Conference League and UEFA Champions League finals starting on 18 May, RING continues to broadcast the final rounds of Liga Portugal Bwin and the Italian Serie A.

One of the most anticipated events of the year is the boxing gala featuring Kubrat and Tervel Pulevi on May 14 in California. A special team of bTV Sport will cover live the emotion of the fights of the Bulgarian boxers, as the rival of Kubrat Pulev is expected to be the American Jerry Forest. The main event of the evening, however, will be the game between Tervel and former world champion Sergey Kovalev. Viewers will be able to follow everything on social networks, on, and on the new site with sports content from bTV Media Group - . The site is a natural next step in the development of the media group's digital portfolio and will provide breaking news, interviews, meetings with superstars and their coaches, sports results and live statistics, a full program of sporting events and rich video content.

The inexhaustible resource of entertainment has its name - May, and the destination for experiencing the diverse viewing adventure are the platforms of bTV Media Group. We will be happy to share all the opportunities for advertisers to become part of the sensory delight of the audience, which guarantees attention. Our team remains available to provide more details and information.