Back To School With bTV Media Group

Take a look at our thematic proposal for the upcoming school year


Summer is a long-awaited time, full of emotions and experiences that hold memories until next year. But by the time we turn around, September is already here, and with it the start of the school year. Many children and their parents associate the period with the end of summer and intense preparations for the upcoming September 15.

This year, September will be colorful and unforgettable for all ages. The dynamic charge of the period before the first day of school will inspire an exciting mix of emotions and unforgettable experiences, thanks to the various activities prepared by bTV Media Group in the period from September 5 to September 17. Our special integrated presence offer includes the universe of bTV Radio, bWeb and the air of bTV.

The campaign, which the media group is preparing for its partners, unfolds live and on all platforms with useful information, brand activities and an on-air non-standard presence in "Before Noon", "The Nikolaos Tsitiridis Show" and "This Saturday". The Back To School adventure will culminate on September 17 with an event in South Park featuring appearances and performances by favorite artists. The large lawn of the park will be filled with sponsors' tents in an amphitheater style on the big stage. Centrally in front of it is a place for competitions and prizes, and our faithful friends in the entertainment will be more than 1000 children and their parents. Ten types of games with animators will add variety to the program, including archery, dribbling with a ball, darts, relay games in several rounds, as well as a wheel of fortune.

The bTV airtime will also be dedicated to the children. A special video in "Before Noon" will tell what the new dreams of students are with a new reading of the question "what do you want to be when you grow up" and what are the most useful and desired subjects of students today. With announcements from the studio, we will warm up the audience, directing the viewer's attention to the live event of N-JOY Radio.

The inexhaustible resource of entertainment in anticipation of the new school year will conquer Nikolaos Tsitiridis as well. In his "Nikolaos+" segment, the host will take on the role of a teacher at the school he graduated from, meet with the principal, teachers and students, and even give then a "lesson".

In the show "This Saturday", coverage from the location of the N-JOY radio event "Back to School" will convey the charge of the new school start, the emotions, games and entertainment for children and their parents. The video will feature the client's branding at the event or a conversation with their on-site representative. We will build on the communication through overlay forms of the client, broadcast in a daily slot on bTV in the period before the start of the new school year.

In the digital environment we offer exclusive branding of the pages of, through which we will actively promote the event in South Park. As an additional channel of communication, we will add, where the editors will once again touch on the topic of school and children. Possibilities include organizing a fun giveaway on the social channels of The Nikolaos Tsitiridis Show, with parallel branding on the show's webpage, which will enhance the presence of The Nikolaos Lesson.

And so, in the midst of summer, we turn our eyes to the beginning of the school year, because September can also be a time for fun. Be a part of the experience!