“Before Noon” And “The Late Night Show” – New Combined Solution

bStars offers its partners one original and unconventional communication opportunity with some of the audience’s most favorite TV hosts


The past year was oversaturated with social media partnerships and collaborations. The audience is already well aware and familiar with the standard endorsement models, which is why 2021 comes with a challenge – how to position brands in a new, and attention-grabbing way.

bSTARS offers an opportunity for a combined social media communication across the profiles of four of the most popular and beloved TV hosts on the air – “Before Noon”’s Dessi Stoyanova, Sasho Kadiev and Raya Peeva, as well as “The Late Night Show” host – Nikolaos Tsitiridis.

As faces that are present in the daily lives of the audience, all four hosts enjoy high trust and interest on the side of the audience. Each one has their individuality and authentic personality, which allows for the generation of a communication campaign on multiple fronts, perspectives and formats.

To reinforce the brand association with the hosts, we offer the opportunity to expand the communication with a thematic product placement in an environment that sets them as key participants, namely on the air of the shows they host.

Using this multiplatform approach we give our partners and their brands, access to an even wider audience and an opportunity to bolster and activate a long-lasting connection with consumers in an appealing way.


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