Bright Mood And Thematic Content During The Summer Across The Channels Of bTV Media Group

The thematic channels will serve the audience with content from all genres


Summer is a colorful and energetic sason, and the activities are diverse. So is the programme schedule of the thematic channels of bTV Media Group, which will keep the audience entertained during the entire Summer.

Good mood and international humor is what summarizes the titles in the comedy channel bTV Comedy. The fun and humor in the upcoming months that the channel ensures, are the perfect context for brands to demonstrate their identity through co-branding of one of the most entertaining hot spots on air.

Rich and diverse selection of global titles across different genres will keep the attention of film enthusiasts throughout the Summer season, helping to create a firm association with the sponsor’s message. Some of the titles on bTV Cinema include “Troy”, “Fantastic beasts”, as well as the “Fast & Furious” movie franchise.

Love is a driving force in every season and bTV Lady offers opportunities for impactful associations through its diverse content, which will help empower the sponsor’s values.

For the fans of sports and action-filled motion picutre, the summer will be no less saturated with powerful emotions. The quality environment of bTV Action will keep the adrenaline high, providing opportunities for successful co-branding communication campaigns. The selection of action titles includes “Law & Order”, “El Chapo”, “Narcos Mexico” and the anticipated 2022 UEFA Super Cup in August.

Summer is the perfect time for brands to demonstrate their creative energy. The diverse content across the thematic channels of bTV Media Group will keep the audience engaged throughout the entire Summer season, enabling opportunities with our special proposal for channel co-branding – a proven guarantee for visibility and memorable brand integrations.

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