How To Ensure An Unforgettable Prom?

Radio N-JOY with a new fresh offer for partners and listeners


The month of May is so expected and desired not only because of the good weather, but also because of the upcoming proms and the euphoria that accompanies them. Radio N-JOY has a tradition of supporting young people in their first steps outside of school. Over the years, the radio team has organized large-scale campaigns to make the prom night of a lucky few unforgettable.

This year Radio N-JOY is looking for the most studious, the nicest, without any absences, with impeccable manners, the favorite of all students and teachers! Anyone who wants can nominate the most distinguished graduate and write why they nominate them in the registration form on the radio website.

Each day, through a raffle, the radio will draw one winner who wins a daily incentive prize from a specific sponsor. At the end of the activity, the roulette will spin with unexpected surprises. Beautiful clothes and fine jewelry, cosmetic and beauty treatments, accessories and modern shoes - these are just some of the possible gifts that our sponsors can provide.

To make the holiday truly unforgettable and shared, we will give the opportunity not only to the nominees, but also to the nominee to win an award from the campaign. Each advertiser will be able to reward one of the most attractive high school graduates with gifts for him and the nominee. Whether it will be a voucher of a certain value for shopping or for those who are late with the preparations - a subject prize (if the graduate still does not have a suit / dress, they will become an advertising face for you).

You are from the fashion industry? You will delight a teenager with a voucher for shopping from your store or an invitation for a direct consultation.

You are from the cosmetics business? A winner will pamper their senses with your great products or receive on-site styling.

You are in the field of insurance and banking? What better than to give a cash prize for starting a new stage in life, such as studying at a university, or advice from a specialist on how to properly make an investment in "Future Education and Career"?

If you are interested in joining the Radio N-JOY campaign and creating an unforgettable prom, you can check out the attached offer.

We encourage all students to join the game of N-JOY and our sponsor. Let's welcome the prom season with gifts and a very good mood from Radio N-JOY!