September 15th! Back to School With Our Special Offer

Join the experience of the Bulgarian students with a presence in the thematic content across all of bTV Media Group platforms


The first day of school is approaching, with students, teachers and parents looking forward to a new and more successful school year.

Whether the children will go to school or continue their online education at home because of the pandemic situation, it's not yet clear. But one thing is for sure – there will be a September 15th. And there remains the need for preparations and purchases to get the children ready for the first day of school.

That is why bTV Media Group has prepared a special package so as to assist advertisers in the communication of their successful messages for September 15th.

The special offer, which you can find here allows for an original presence, focused in a digital environment, upgrading the communication in the radio and television platforms of bTV Media Group.

The proposal includes the development of an original webpage, which will contain a special interactive game for parents.

The digital package will also offer opportunities for specialized DMP targeting toward the parent community on the bTV Media Group websites, as well as Theme of the Month dedicated to the First School Day at

The special and interactive digital activity will be supported by an active communication campaign on the popular Radio N-JOY.

 In addition, the digital game will be tied through announcements in the bTV program as well, namely with the specially selected films of Sunday's "Family Afternoon", and the client's presence will continue in the entertaining program of Cartoon Network.

The efforts of bTV Media Group to create working advertising solutions for the brands of its clients continue, because the program of bTV and the preparations to go back to school fill us with optimism and smiles in anticipation of the first bell.


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