The Holidays Are Coming In The Platforms Of bTV Media Group

Feel the emotion across all communication channels


Christmas is approaching, and with it the moments when we gather with our loved ones, get excited and share thematic content for the holiday.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the feeling of warmth and sharing with a festive program and premium content on television, radio and the online platforms of bTV Media Group!

For the first time, viewers will feel Christmas emotions and mood in the live episodes of the most successful music show in Bulgaria - "The Voice of Bulgaria", and clients will have the opportunity to send their Christmas messages related to the holiday content.

We will enhance the atmosphere with Christmas wishes and surprises in an exclusive digital Christmas episode of "The Voice of Bulgaria". Advertisers will be able to tie their brand and advertising campaign with the digital extension of one of the most beloved shows during the holiday season.

We will also make the fans of Radio N-JOY happy by giving them the opportunity to enjoy greetings from the contestants in "The Voice of Bulgaria" all day long. The individual messages from the talented performers and the attractive jury will be preceded by a client sponsored opener, maintaining the Christmas mood every hour.


We invite you to choose the premiere and themed holiday titles in "Family Afternoon" on bTV in December, as well as hit animations before the movie at 21:00 on bTV Cinema, which will allow the whole family to enjoy the movie content and will distinguish client messages in the magic of Christmas.


To better complement your unique multiplatform presence, we will associate your brand with a fun game on the air of Radio N-JOY and its respective FB page. On a daily basis we will be publishing two movie options for the users to choose from – through a reaction of either “like” or “heart”. Everyone who participates will have the chance to win attractive prizes from the sponsor.

We will enrich the thematic communication in December on the air of "Before Noon" with Christmas emotions and excitement, providing an opportunity for the communication of partners to enter into topics that bring people together and unlock the festive mood.

Special radio announcements will announce on bTV Radio the upcoming holiday integration of the partner on the air of "Before Noon". We will ignite the interest of consumers with interesting information about the sponsor, which will be announced by our leading live announcements.

The Christmas theme will be traditionally present in The theme for December, dedicated to the bright holiday, will unfold in the form of Christmas recipes and mood. Beloved faces on the screen will share with users their favorite Christmas recipe, but most of all how they manage to invite the Christmas spirit at home, as well as what are the Christmas traditions in their home.

Tie in to the festive mood with a multi-platform offer, which the bTV Media Group team will prepare especially for you and which we will be sharing very soon!