The Unforgettable Adventure With “No Luggage”

Trips without a second take - impulsive and human


The documentary video stories of “No Luggage” take the viewer to unknown worlds, show local cultures, traditional markets, homes of people of different ethnicities and introduce us to their way of life.

For fifteen years now, "No Luggage" has been going around the world, and looking for the good and the beautiful, анд it turns out that they are all around us.

All stories on the show are stories about nature, cultural diversity, historical heritage and the contemporary challenges of different people.

The new season will take the viewers of bTV to exotic destinations in Asia, South America and will give a new charge to familiar locations.

Everyone in front of the screen will dive with three-meter sharks off the Maldivian reefs, and climb steep cliffs to see some of Tigray's most magnificent rock churches.

The show comes with many more surprises that have been closely following the series for 16 years now.

The new episodes of the show are intriguing, genuinely funny and at the same time educational, telling about unknown corners of the planet, cultures of distant peoples, nature and wild life, history and legends, adventures, romantic and luxury trips.

“No Luggage” comes with many opportunities for organic placement of products, services and brands of a different nature – such as related to trip organization, as well as products that may be useful or necessary during the trip.