Triple Christmas Across bTV Radio Group


This season we are determined to brighten the mood of the sponsors and the audience with three attractive ideas on the air of Radio N-JOY.

The first idea will be a music challenge that allows you to tie your brand to an activity on the radio's Facebook profile. We will publish two Christmas songs every day, and the condition for the participants in the game is to vote for the preferred song with a heart or a thumbs up. The song that wins more reactions will be played the next day, branded by a sponsorship tag. Each participant who took part in the voting has the opportunity to win a prize from the advertiser.

The second option for integrating your brand is through a festive greeting before a song that marks your sponsorship. Through the advertising form of up to 10" long you will be able to send your heartfelt wishes to the large audience of Radio N-JOY, after which your favorite Christmas performances will sound. In this way we will promote your name and brand, positioning them in the most appropriate program segment and in an extremely positive environment.

The third option for presence in the various platforms of the radio is connected with the positive feelings concerning the small moments in our busy daily life. We will expect listeners to share their little moments of joy and exciting emotions. This activity will take place on the radio's website, where we will share the most intimate messages with our audience. The section will be branded with images of the sponsor and with available information about your products and your brand. Here we also offer the option for participants to win prizes from the advertiser.

Join the holiday spirit by choosing the best option for your brand! Get in touch with us at [email protected].