World Football News On The Radio

Special segments on Radio N-JOY and bTV Radio offer the suitable opportunity to associate your brand with the football emotion


Football is the most famous sport in the world and it is no surprise to anyone that the championship in Qatar inspires universal excitement. People young and old are already quivering in anticipation of the World Cup, which will start on November 20 and last for almost a month. Lots of matches, news and results await us and to keep up with everything happening during the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, you can listen to the special sports column on Radio N-JOY "World Football News" as well as the current news from host Ognyan Gunchev and TV reporter Kaloyan Kyurkchiev on bTV Radio.

When all eyes and ears are on such current events, it's the right time to tie your brand to the regular sports coverage on the airwaves. Every round hour after "The News" on N-JOY or three times a week with a summary on bTV Radio, it's up to you. The radio segments include comments, predictions and special news from the football games. If you want to see how you can position your brand to show your support for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, check out the offer of bTV Radio Group.