"Anywhere With You" - Philip Bukov Banks Anytime With Fibank

The "Daddies" actor and member of the all-star team in the last season of "Survivor" is the new face of First Investment Bank


Modern technology implies convenience, speed and independence. This is what the new promotional video of First Investment Bank communicates, whose mobile app and features allow banking at any time of the day and night and you don't even need to visit a bank office.

"The bank is everywhere with you" is the slogan of the campaign, for which the brand chose the charming actor from the bTV series "Daddies" as the main ambassador. Digital banking is becoming an everyday reality for the modern man and in several different scenes, Philip demonstrates how quick access gives him control over his finances even on the road or at night. You can watch the campaign ad below.

Bukov is part of the bSTARS universe and one of Bulgaria's most beloved young actors.

Client: First Investment Bank

Agency: Kiwi OOD