Step Тowards Happiness With The Dream Rose

Familia Rosa ice creams and white chocolate in the romance of beautiful scenes and sweet moments


The idea:

We created a themed pairing of Familia Rosa ice cream and white chocolate with selected moments from “The Bachelor” that make emotions bloom. We focused on scenes with exciting content and romance, conveying the message that there are some roses that are not put in a vase, but in bowls and besides adorning, they delight the taste.


We organically carried out the brand integration of ice cream into contextually relevant moments of the ladies' daily lives through the visualization and consumption of Familia Rosa ice creams and white chocolate.

We integrated the product organically into a poolside scene, in an episode in which the romantic competition at the Love Mansion divided the participants into the roles of mistresses and maids. Here, the privileged ladies were treated to an ice cream dessert by the "maids" for each of them. We upgraded the presence through beauty shots of Familia Rosa ice cream and white chocolate.

We developed the code in creating positive emotions in a later episode through a scene where the ladies were tasked with writing a romantic message to share their feelings to the charismatic Bachelor. Familia Rosa ice cream and white chocolate was part of the inspirational letter writing moment, which conveyed the message that beautiful emotions can be as romantic and as delicious as ice cream.

The culminating moment in the brand integration of Familia Rosa ice creams and white chocolate came at a romantic meeting between Evgeny and a contestant of his choice, whom he invited to dinner to settle in and get to know each other. In the final moment of their dinner, as a gesture to the girl, he personally prepared and served her an ice cream bowl with Familia Rosa ice cream and white chocolate, which he symbolically decorated with rose petals.

We also built on the brand communication during one of the most exciting moments in all the episodes of the show - the sensational 'Rose Ceremony'. By being chosen during the ceremony, the Bachelor shows special attention to certain ladies by presenting them with a rose bearing the promise of getting to know them more.

We synchronized the cut-in format of the Familia Rose Ice Cream and White Chocolate precisely with the iconic moment of the "Rose Ceremony". In this way, we created an emotional connection with the brand, enriched with product information and a direct advertising message of Familia Rosa ice cream and white chocolate.

Client: Froneri Bulgaria

Brand: Familia Rosa Ice cream and white chocolate

Channel: bTV

Season: Spring 2023