Super Extra Fresh Forecast With Nikolaos Tsitiridis And Ariana Summer

In a series of videos aired on premium break, the entertaining host of the evening show aired on bTV offered a fun take on the summer weather forecast


"If they don't have bread, let them eat cake" is a popular historical French phrase. In translation and in the context of the Bulgarian summer weather in 2023, Nikolaos Tsitiridis "invited" viewers not to worry about the weather, but to enjoy the summer days in friendly company and with a light beer in hand. Between 17-30 July, the host surprised viewers who, expecting to watch more of the weather forecast, came across Nikolaos and Ariana Summer's forecast.
In the special primetime break immediately following the real primetime forecast, the host jokingly introduced traditional summer activities to cope with the high temperatures, and these included cooling off with a cold Ariana Summer beer.

The collaboration between the brand and Nicolaos was carried out in 7 videos, filmed on the actual Weather Forecast set at the bTV Media Group studio complex, which aired for two weeks across the bTV schedule. Using branded elements integrated throughout the presentation, Ariana Summer organically positioned herself within the context of the on-screen visuals. 

Throughout the campaign, the presenter surprised viewers from various familiar Bulgarian locations, which reinforced their connection to the experience.

The brand presence was further reinforced with the broadcast of the client's actual commercial video immediately following Nicolaos' forecast. As part of the Ariana Summer campaign, we designed and broadcast the special wrapper format in the films that were part of the "Summer with Hot Bulgarian Hits" selection. At the end of July, we also launched a co-branding of the bTV Comedy channel, which will continue until the end of August.

The brand didn't go unnoticed on Nicolaos' social media, where he talked about Ariana's interactive online game that turns "your personal jokes into GIFs."