Green Break: New Premium “Green” Commercial Break In bTV’s Prime Time

The "Green Week” officially launched a new commercial break dedicated to brands' green initiatives


The commercial break right after the Weather forecast in the primetime of bTV now has a new name. Titled as a 'green break', the premium block dedicates its ad time to all the green, eco and ESG initiatives brands want to tell more about.

With client Zagorka, we carried out the first such on-air project during bTV Media Group's Green Week from 5-11 June. It was then that Zagorka communicated its "Give us back the empty bottles to refill them" initiative.

The premium slot is a suitable choice for brands from all sectors with green and sustainable practices as a focus of their communication framework.

In a specially designed break ID, any advertiser can stand out, encouraging responsible consumer behaviour.

You can watch the ad below: 

Client: Zagorka

Agency: Dentsu Bulgaria / Red Star

Period: June 2023