The Green Week Of bTV Media Group

From 5 to 10 June 2023, bTV Media Group dedicated a large part of its on-air, digital and radio content to the Green Week, a new initiative for responsible and sustainable behaviour towards the environment, under the brand “The Good Example”


The "Green Week" of bTV Media Group started on World Environment Day, 5 June, under the slogan "Responsible to Nature Together". During this period we looked at different aspects of our lives that affect the climate - food, fashion, energy and water, transport, pollution and plastic waste.   The last day of the “Green Week” was dedicated to the theme of leisure time in nature for the whole family.

bTV's TV programmes and across all our platforms, radio stations and channels, we shared interesting stories, facts and tips, and provided useful information on what we can do altogether in our daily lives to reduce our carbon footprint.

The “Green Week” initiated a number of activities across the media group's platforms, including:

  • We celebrated the birthdays of bTV and Radio NJOY in an environmentally friendly way, kicking off the “Green Week”. The theme generated wide media coverage
  • We aired 25+TV segments and discussions on the green daily topics on the "This Morning", "Before Noon" and CoolT, such as - Between Concrete and Nature: How do you become a farmer in the city?; Talking about... What is Meatless Monday; Me, the Consumer: How to look expensively dressed for little money? Is there an option not to buy garment after garment?; Why is it important to recycle electric appliances?;
  • 10+ radio reports and interviews on bTV Radio, Jazz FM and N-JOY, including with guitarist and mountaineer Peter Georgiev in the "Green Week" on Jazz FM: "Nature can give you an incredible charge!"; "The story of the first song with a call for nature conservation"; bTV Radio: How to shop and cook, how to plan in the household so as not to throw food away? "In bTV Media Group's Green Week, Inspector N-JOY and Nikolay Angelov talked about electric cars" and more
  • 48+ web articles in;,

And the ugly vegetable is eaten: Effective solutions on how to reduce food waste - bTV News (

Rumyana Peneva: Recycling is not a matter of fashion, but of imposing a new culture -

Balin Balinov: As we take care of our homes, we should also take care of nature - Business News (businessnovinite).

Companies in Europe with allowances for employees arriving by bicycle - bTV News (

 A million plastic water bottles sold in a minute. - Two children, one cause and thousands of litters cleaned - bTV Novinite (


  • We kicked off the 11th edition of the "Let's Clean Up Bulgaria Together" campaign with a national partners' meeting that generated 30+ stories in national and regional media
  • We implemented brand integration in a topical weekly episode of the "Green Week" with client dm and their "green" brand dmBio. On the very first day of the initiative, titled "Meatless Monday", in the "Yes, Chef" rubric, Vessie Zurbrug and singer Maria Dimova prepared a healthy lunch with dm bio products, and among the dishes were fully vegan sausages, bean or lentil puree, grilled Tofu cheese and Caprese salad with vegan pesto.


You can also find out more about the Green Week materials on the News - The Good Example project page (