For the First Time, the Viewers of bTV Became Part of the MasterChef Bulgaria Finale in a 360° Environment

JACOBS and OVERGAS trusted bTV Media Group for effective product placement in the 360° Livestream


Through the 360° Livestream of the MasterChef Finale on 28.05.19. the users of the platform received the unique chance to look into the most famous kitchen on Bulgarian air. For an hour and a half they watched the battle for the grand prize, namely the MasterChef statuette and the 50,000 leva. They also managed to see unaired footage from the finale itself, and in this way, bTV Media Group enriched their culinary experience.

The strength of the multi-platform strategy of bTV Media Group showed its effectiveness once again, with the 360° Finale being promoted on all bTV.

Once again, advertisers had a unique chance to position their brands in an interesting and unique way.

To promote the 360​​° Finale, a special promotional video was also created, featuring the show contestants, as well as a part of the jury in the face of chef Petar Mihalchev. For the first time, 360° footage was used in a promotional video.

For the first time, the OVERGAS brand was part of the 360° Livestream of a bTV Media Group production, taking advantage of a special cross-platform proposal made for the MasterChef Finale. Short brand animations, which included the slogan "It's easier and tastier with natural gas" and the logo of the brand, were made specifically for the 360​​° video.

The effective cross-media campaign of OVERGAS at the Finale of the most watched culinary show on Bulgarian air consisted of a rich banner communication throughout the bTV Media Group network, as well as targeted television activities including various sponsored promotional forms and sponsored bumpers.

The coffee brand JACOBS, with the support of the HAVAS media agency, was the brand that once again trusted bTV Media Group with an effective product placement in the 360​​° Livestream.

The campaign of the brand, which culminated at the finale of MasterChef Bulgaria, revolves around the idea that the perfect coffee is not made by the coffee machine, but by the people and the coffee beans. The goal is to inspire people and give them the feeling that they are the coffee wizards of the future. A special 360° Live Advertisement Form, referring to the website, was created for the finale of the culinary show.

In order to further develop the advertising campaign of JACOBS, the sales team of bTV Media Group organized the production of a series of two videos with Chef Georgi Boikovski especially for them. He opened the doors of his restaurant and, with the help of the JACOBS brand, revealed the secrets of coffee and its place in cuisine. The two videos were uploaded to the MasterChef website in the section "For the Insatiable", where users could see the unique recipe for dessert with leftover coffee. The communication included branding of the bTV Media Group websites, as well as video advertising in the culinary online video content of the media group.

 The advertising campaign was also communicated with TV advertising forms broadcast during the grand finale.

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