Golden Shine Starring bSTARS

One of Europe's biggest jewelry manufacturers entrusted their campaign with a remarkably recognizable face from the universe of bSTARS


The goldsmith trade has a long tradition in Celje, dating back to 1446. The influences of the goldsmith's trade from all over Europe united in Celje and turned it into a real goldsmith's town. The foundation stone of Zlatarna Celje was laid in 1844.

Zlatarna Celje is one of the largest European jewelry manufacturers, with 100 sites in seven countries. Their mission is based on established tradition, quality and distinguished brand, and a wide selection of products.

Their approach to working with celebrities is to choose opinion leaders - modern people dedicated to their vocation, who with their creativity, passion and perseverance change the worldview and people's lives for the better.

This is the reason why they chose the host Dr. Nedelya Shtonova, who successfully balances the different roles in the dynamic life of the modern woman, who sets an example for society and touches human destinies.

Zlatarna Celje has launched a series of collaboration posts on the Facebook profile of the popular host, and thus is associated with inspiration, hard work, social responsibility and the pursuit of a better and fuller life.