Sun, Passion and Fun With COCOSOLIS In "The Bachelor"

The brand is an integral part of the beach adventures of the ladies and Evgeni in the second season of the most romantic show on the air of bTV


Everyone loves sun, summer and a fresh bronze tan and we are increasingly paying attention to achieving a healthy complexion, and not just during the summer months.

In the context of the active games and challenges between the female contestants of "The Bachelor" and Evgeni, we integrated in a completely organic way selected products of the Bulgarian brand COCOSOLIS.

For several of the already aired episodes, the contestants were clever in getting a tan using the brand's quick and intense tanning oil. CHOCO Suntan & Body Oil was also under the spotlight during the group date with several of the girls who had to impersonate the cast of Baywatch. In one of their tasks, they each spread the oil for quick, chocolate tan on themselves as well as on Evgeni. In an unobtrusive and natural way, the product took center stage during the beach encounter.

We extended the association between the brand and the show with integration into the digital extension of the show within the episodes of "More on the Bachelor". Watching the girls onscreen, charming hosts Eva and Alex also dreamed of summer and sunshine, albeit in March. To make her friend happy, Alex gifted her with the natural auto bronzing foam for deep and long-lasting tan from COCOSOLIS.

Summer continues on screen in The Bachelor, and with it the next appearances from the COCOSOLIS product range. The client reports on the effectiveness of the campaign and says: "Although with no experience in TV advertising, the team at bTV Media Group successfully involved us in this challenge. During our partnership, we had the opportunity to discuss everything together, which is really important and valuable for us. Undoubtedly, during the product placements, we noticed a 100% increase in traffic to the site as well as received positive feedback from various sources."