The Coca-Cola System In Bulgaria Launches Its Sustainable Bottle Caps In Collaboration With Polly Nedkova

The charming "Before Noon" co-host and "Sunny Beach" actress was also a speaker at the company’s special event in February


The entire world is striving for sustainability and eco-friendly living, and the business is delivering. In mid-February, the Coca-Cola System in Bulgaria introduced its new attached bottle caps for all beverages in its PET portfolio - Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero, Fanta, Sprite, Schweppes, Fuzetea and Cappy, as well as Rosa spring water. The company also reported its results, including the fact that 100% of the packaging of all Coca-Cola products is now recyclable, meeting one of its key targets ahead of the 2025 deadline.

 Among the speakers at the event, the company invited the cheerful Polly Nedkova, who was among the first to test the popular drink's new bottles with caps attached. She focused on the sustainable aspects of the new packaging and highlighted the benefits of the attached cap - both for the environment and the consumers themselves. After the opening remarks by Jürg Burkhalter, CEO of Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria, and Milena Zavalova, Director of the Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria Production Centre in Kostinbrod, who explained that the introduction of the attached caps is part of the implementation of the new European Single Use Plastics Directive, Polly presented the practical ease of consumption from the new packaging.

In addition to the inspiring messages at the event itself, Polly made sure to draw attention to Coca-Cola's mission on her Instagram account as well. Addressing her followers and using a fun video message, she also demonstrated the convenience of the new attached caps in everyday life.