The McDonald's Taste in the SURVIVOR Challenge

Lovin' the adventure!


The Idea

McDonald's is a brand with international experience as one of the main sponsors of the SURVIVOR show. This year the representation in Bulgaria also joined as one of the leading sponsors in the format.

The main idea of the product integration was to associate the McDonald's brand with the concept of the format by including a presence that was strong and memorable enough.

Some of the most dynamic and interesting moments in SURVIVOR are the games in which participants measure their physical strength and mental toughness. As an incentive for their good performance, the winners receive prizes varying according to the stage of the format. Each of these rewards is greeted in an extremely emotional and genuine manner.

The integration of the McDonald's brand is carried out in several key challenges.

The deprivation and scarcity of food as part of the reality format regulations made the McDonald's presence extremely emotional and impressive. Just by the host’s announcement of the prize - Big Mac Menu, a wave of genuine enthusiasm among the participants and a strong desire to win was triggered. 

To make the experience of the participants even more exciting and the presence of the brand more intense, we implemented the integration by setting up a McDonald's restaurant just for them in the middle of nature - under the open sky. In this way, we were able to bring a small but delicious piece of the comforts of modern life into the otherwise isolated environment of the survivors.

The combination of the organic reaction of the participants, combined with the concept of the show itself and the location of the integration made it highly visible and memorable.

Клиент: Sunfoods Bulgaria

Бранд: McDonald’s Bulgaria

Сезон: Spring 2023

Канали: bTV

Агенция: Optimum Media OMD